Innovations and Ideas, Unleashed

At Offset Machining, we seamlessly integrate design, cross-disciplinary experience, and cutting-edge software to be the go-to hub for all your product design and development requirements. Our expansive array of engineering services is tailored to meet every facet of your mechanical design engineering needs with precision and flair.

Formulating Concepts

Streamline your concept development with our parallel design team. We offer an independent perspective, presenting alternative solutions to your design challenges. Blend our insights seamlessly with your in-house efforts for a comprehensive design solution, leveraging a diverse pool of engineering expertise. Alternatively, collaborate directly with our team, integrating insights from your sales, marketing, and customer inputs. Upon concept approval, transition smoothly to product design, development, and eventual production implementation.


Elevate your design journey from concept to manufacturing excellence. Our experienced engineering team adeptly transforms your concepts into designs ready for manufacturing. We specialize in crafting products that effortlessly scale, accommodating both low and high-volume production needs. With our precision engineering, we guarantee a seamless manufacturing and assembly process, allowing your engineers to concentrate on optimizing processes and enhancing efficiency.